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I am Indira Lourenço, I was born and raised in Luanda, the capital of beautiful Angola, a country on the west coast of Southern Africa. Since I was very little, I’ve always loved the creative process, often modifying and cutting off my clothes or refurbishing any old piece of furniture.

How did you end up in America?
Many moons ago, I flew to America for the first time to pursue a degree in chemical engineering. Little did I know back then that in a year’s time my true passion would resurface and I would move the Manhattan to pursue a degree at the New York School of Interior design. I have never looked back!

So, mixing the traditional with the modern is the base of all your creations?
Absolutely! I have always used African patterns and shapes as the starting point of my creations. There is a wealth of inspiration there and I am perfectly positioned to take advantage of it through my cultural background and the modernist aesthetic my academic education has exposed me to.

Besides Africa,  what else inspires your work?

 I find inspiration in the levity of Northen European design. There I can often find simple yet elegant designs that are a representative of the opportunities those cultures have had in order to develop their art and design history. 

Leading. Redefining. Reshaping.

"I have always been mesmerized by traditional African furniture. I was inspired to create a modern collection that evokes the emotions of African culture, while also showcasing the beauty and complexity of the continent.” −Indira Lourenço

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That would be the Zungueira Lounge Chair! Its contrast between the elegant balance in the organic, dynamic lines of the seat and the strong, bold, straight lines of the base is a representation of the African worker it is named after. It offers an incredible visual impact and has been a favorite in galleries where it has been displayed.

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indiralourenco zungueira homepage