We are Indira Lourenço, a full international Interior Design firm that delivers creative solutions to our client’s challenges. We focus on residential and commercial projects; collaborating with contractors and architects on construction, renovation, and restoration.

Your dreams shouldn't scare you, because as long as it relates to design and construction, we are the right partners to help you reach your biggest goals.

Leading. Redefining. Reshaping.

"I have always been mesmerized by traditional African furniture. I was inspired to create a modern collection that evokes the emotions of African culture, while also showcasing the beauty and complexity of the continent.” −Indira Lourenço


Indira Lourenço is a brand that creates designs that seek to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of every product we create. Indira Lourenço founded her brand upon college graduation in the Big Apple back in 2015, and has experienced exponential growth since then. Born and raised in Angola, the start-up entrepreneur and designer has had her work featured in premium publications such as Interior Design Magazine, Surface Magazine, Modern Luxury Magazine, Villas Golf - Africa Edition, as well as featuring prominently in Angolan and Brazilian news media. Her culturally inspired work has been featured in major exhibitions in Paris, London, and Miami, and has generated interest from galleries associated with university sociological museums. Indira won the 2017 Excellence for Young Designers Award from ANGOSIANA and was recently nominated for the 2018 ASID National Award. We are very excited for our next projects and collaborations on the horizon, constantly looking forward to transforming your surroundings and lifestyle with art and design.