When I look at the mortar as a barstool, I see it as a symbol of bringing things and people together. Its most obvious evidence of that is its use for mixing different ingredients to create a special flavor. As additional evidence of its symbolism of togetherness, large mortars are often used by multiple people handling several pestles in a rhythmic, coordinated manner. Beyond that though, the point of using a mortar is to concoct something delicious to be shared by your household, while we air out our problems as well as our support for each other. Are you beginning to see why the mortar is a symbol of togetherness? It definitely keeps us from going on shows like Jerry Springer’s, I must say!

Mortar Barstool by Indira Lourenco

Just as the mortar is used to pulverize, to blend, to mix different grains and herbs, this design combines the traditional aspect of artisanal African cuisine and its geometry with the modern aesthetic that has defined the “minimalist, yet elegant” ethos of our brand. The Pisadeira barstools are made of real wood, consisting of an ergonomically carved wooden seat that rests atop a large cylindrical piece tapered at the center in one variant and tapered at the top in the other variant. At its base, the ring-shaped footrest sits on four equally-spaced curved wooden buttresses, giving it a subtle modern undertone. It comes in two gorgeous finishes that can easily complement a variety of color palettes: natural wood and whitewash.

Indira Mortar Barstool