My culture, my responsibility.

In everything that I design, I bring my African roots, focusing on bridging the gap between technology and tradition. My work subtly tells a story of my heritage and culture, in a modern and contemporary way that appeals to many and does so in very individual ways.


A strong, long-suffering, hard-working people that has adapted to the circumstances that were presented to them by those in power. A people that, in its majority, was not awarded opportunities or an education, a people subju- gated to the daydreams of those who feel su- perior. This is the Angolan people.

A woman’s status in Angola was traditionally characterized by a high level of mother/child mortality, malnutrition, illiteracy, poverty, violence, lack of resources, and unemploy- ment in both the formal and informal sectors. As a result of civil war, Angola has some 1.3 million displaced persons, of whom approxi- mately 60 percent are women and children. More than 100,000 have been disabled by the civil war and require special assistance pro- grams. Women head most households and they are the most affected by HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections.


It is in this social context that the so-called “zungueira” arises. A woman of great moral fiber, strength, who makes supporting her loved ones the objective of her existence. Often living in a marginalized part of society, her home lacking electricity, she resorts to a tin lantern in order to see at night. She wakes up very early in order to head to the market, where she performs her role in the informal economy, carrying loads on her head.

To this type of woman I dedicate my admiration, my respect, and I honor her as an artist by creating this sculptural piece of furniture. Thus, the iconic image or a woman carrying a basin or a basket on her head, balancing it, defying the law of gravity, generating awe and curiosity by its jux- taposition of strength and levity, is recognized in this tribute to this woman of noble strength.

From this visual perspective the Zungueira Lounge Chair was born, contrasting the elegance of balance in the organic, dynamic lines of the seat with the strength and straight lines of the base, which represents the strength of the zungueira woman supporting her heavy burden.