Tatiana Modern Outdoor Daybed


Technical information

  • Category

    CAL: LOU-5

    Cord By I Lou

  • Dimensions

    Widtht: 85"

    Depth: 78"

    Height: 80"

The daybed’s soft arcs, transparent structure and bulbed framework grant it a fairy-tale beauty and a design that is cosmopolitan. Its framework is circular allowing for robust stability. White vinyl cords provide strength, they run in straight lines from top to bottom in between the skeleton of polished dark wood. The bed is circular, upholstered in white fabric and curtained by white vinyl cords, truly a remarkable effect this offers to the design. The pillows are white, soft and designed to cater to comfortability. Arcing tastefully, the daybed is worth more than its weight in gold. Being handcrafted in Los Angeles testifies to the keen attention to detail and devotion it garnered, thus accounting for the Indira Lourenco branding it bears, a testament to excellence.