Alda Modern Outdoor Sofa


Technical information

  • Category

    CAL: LOU-5

    Cord By I Lou

  • Dimensions

    Widtht: 108"

    Depth: 32"

    Height: 32"

    Seat: 17"

Its straight lines and casual exuberance culminate in a design that is premium, fulfils all purposes and establishes itself as a classic. A powder coated extruded aluminium frame that curves into a shape reminiscent of a semi-circle provides support. Durable vinyl cords lend strength, comfort is catered to by fabric upholstery bearing Indira Lourenco badging while soft cushions pamper the limbs, thus, allowing for the adoption of numerous postures, languid and firm, the sofa truly is beautiful. Luxuriously handmade in Los Angeles, they are available to be shipped to every connoisseur of comfort wherever they may be.