Delivery Acceptance Instruction

We ascertain the quality of all our shipped products unless damaged during transportation. You are permitted to inspect and confirm the quality of the products during delivery. Failure to take pictures of damaged goods or notify I. LOU of damaged goods signifies that delivery was excellent and without damage. You should inspect the product to confirm the presence of damages or wrong product delivery in the presence of the truck driver. Moreover, feel free to write “TRUCK DRIVER REFUSED TO WAIT" or “DAMAGED UPON ARRIVAL” on the delivery receipt, if you received a damaged good and the truck driver left before confirmation.

In case of damaged or missing goods, file a complaint within 24 hours, retain the packaging materials, take a picture, write “Product Damaged” or list missing goods on the delivery receipt and contact us at 9173368317. Signing “received in good condition” on the receipt eliminates any chance of Product return.

You should be available for 1-3 weeks after our customer representative contacts you about the shipping details of your product. There is a rescheduling option of 3 days if you miss your delivery time or are unavailable. Additional fees (storage and redelivery fees) would be paid after 3 days. Delivery refusal of a good and non-defective product incurs a restocking fee, charges for both ways, and the exact freight charge. Unavailability and delivery refusal makes you liable for the payment of daily storage fee assigned by the carrier.