Kitchen remodeling is one of the easy ways to spruce up your home. Though quite costly, it will surely make your home more aesthetically pleasing, functional, and livable. Moreover, doing so increases the value of your home like any other remodeling project.

A great new kitchen will serve as the focus of family life and the center of social gatherings. Hence, it’s certainly a project worth your money, effort, and time — provided that you fully grasp what you’re getting into.

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So if you’re planning on remodeling your kitchen, there are some things you should know and consider first before you fully invest yourself. Get that dream kitchen of yours following this basic kitchen remodeling guide!

Consider this Before Starting a Kitchen Remodeling Project:

  • Setting realistic goals in mind.

Set your goal towards your dream kitchen. Ask questions like: Do I make it bigger? Should I replace kitchen countertops, cabinets, and appliances with brand new ones? Or should I opt for lavish designs? The more questions you ask, the better. Look at various designs and photos for inspiration.

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  • Creating a budget.

Sum up everything that will incur costs, ranging from materials, labor, permits, and contingencies. A set budget will serve as your limit as to not strain your finances. Stay below this fixed cost unless otherwise needed.

  • Shortlisting a competent design and build contractor.

Since you’ll be working with your contractor for a long time and it depends on them whether you get your money’s worth, common sense dictates that you choose a competent one.

You need to do your due diligence in choosing your contractor. Avoid impulsively taking the lowest bid however enticing it is. More often than not, cheap prices are associated with mediocre services.

  • Consulting with a kitchen designer.

Ideally, your contractor should be a design and build company specializing in kitchen remodel. You should be working with them during the design stage to help you visualize and finalize the design.

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  • Creating a detailed schedule or timeline of works.

Require your contractor to submit a detailed schedule and set milestone achievements to serve as commitment dates. Doing so gives your contractor a sense of urgency that will help in fast tracking the project.

Step by Step Guide in Remodeling a Kitchen:

With all the preparation laid out, the first real step is a noisy and messy one. Which gradually ends up as a quiet and beautiful masterpiece.

Prepare yourself with all the grit and grind during the remodeling, which you may find surprisingly fun and satisfying.

Step 1: Remove or demolish existing kitchen appliances and structural members.

  • Check out first whether demolishing a wall is safe. Consult with an expert whether the wall is load bearing or part of the framing of your house.
  • Remove all essential materials prior to hacking down walls and flooring.
  • Plan for disposing your waste materials effectively.
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Step 2: Construct new drywall panels, doorways, ceiling, and windows according to the design.

Step 3: Roughing-ins of utilities such as electrical, mechanical, and plumbing accessories.

Step 4: Finish the new drywalls, doorways, ceiling, and windows with paint of other types of finishing indicated in the design.

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Step 5: Install flooring.

  • Ideally, floorings should be installed first before cabinetries for ease of installation. However, due to the likelihood of impact and bumps while installing cabinetries, more luxurious type of floorings such as laminate or vinyl is installed once the cabinetries are in place.
  • More common types of flooring such as tiles or hardwood can be installed first.

Step 6: Install cabinetries.

  • Cabinets are usually the first to be seen when looking at kitchens simply because they are huge. Which is why cabinet finishing should be done correctly with high standards.

Step 7: Install countertop.

  • Measure the exact location of the countertop and fabricate accordingly, then install.

Step 8: Install appliances, plumbing fixtures, and lightings.

  • Cover the flooring and cabinetries with plastic during installation of bulky appliances in order to avoid damage to them.

Step 9: Detailed installation of finishing and hardware.

  • This includes installing mouldings, cornices, cabinet hardware, paint touch-ups, and rectification works, among others.

Step 10: Install backsplashes.

  • Usually the last major item to be installed, backsplashes complete the looks of your new kitchen.

Step 11: Cleaning and inspection.

  • Think of this step as unwrapping your new kitchen.

And now, your kitchen is finished! Immerse yourself with all the fun and excitement, as well as the new space and convenience brought upon by your newly remodeled kitchen. You deserve it!

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