ADUs or Accessory Dwelling Units are the next big thing in the real estate industry in the state of California, especially at Los Angeles.

With the recent change of rules regarding “backyard homes” or ADUs, it purposely opened the flood gates that push homeowners to create their very own ADUs for many good reasons.

ADUs are small and separate units inside a property which can be considered the family’s very own rental units, home offices, man caves, or private guest house for visitors, and more! With so many options in mind, the design are boundless.

Benefits of Converting your Garage into an ADU:

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If conditions are right, garage to ADU conversion can be the easiest and most cost-effective way to create that dream ADU.

Not only does it creates more habitable space in your home, it also increases the value of your property for future resale. Having said that, here are some benefits of garage to ADU conversion by remodeling:

  • Since the garage are already there, the shell of your ADU is already built, saving you construction and excavation costs.
  • You don’t need to allocate more of that precious yard space when you remodel your garage into an ADU, unless you plan on adding a shed or storage.
  • Utilities are already in place if the garage has water and power beforehand.
  • If your garage is attached to the house via mud rooms, the ADU can be connected to the house with a single door.
  • ADUs offer you additional housing that you can use for rentals and other purposes.
  • It can add a great deal of charm and fit in quite nicely with the overall architectural design of your home, as well as the nieghborhood.
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Whom do I call when I want to start my ADU?

If you’re planning to optimize your property by converting your garage into an ADU, you will need professional help. Since building a new ADU on your yard is strictly regulated by state laws and local building codes, you will need to work with an experienced design and build company that is on top of the latest state laws and local building codes.

Because trying to build one the DIY approach isn’t necessarily easy, and trying to understand state and local regulating rules on what is allowed or not is extremely difficult.

Potential challenges that you may encounter:

For any project imaginable, there is always a potential for hidden cost. This is also true when remodling your garage into an ADU, especially since garages are made for housing objects, not people.

But there are also proven ways on how to limit them so we have outlined some of the potential challenges that you may encounter during converting your garage into ADUs.

  • Structural Challenges

ADU's Remodeling-4

Since most garages are old and oftentimes the subject of neglect, you may find that your garage is actually falling down, quite literally. You may also find out that existing footings will not be able to support the ADU.

  • Design Guidelines

There are design guidelines that needs to be followed as dictated by state laws or local building codes. You may find it the hard way that increasing square footage of your ADU actually has its limits, or the type of ADU allowed for your property.

  • Energy Efficiency Challenges

Since garage walls are thin and require little to no insulation, you may find it hard to live comfortably inside an ADU. Moreover, the concrete slab is also uninsulated so it’s cold all year round.

Having said that, Indira Lourenco has some sleek design and solutions for the challenges outlined above — all within your budget and convenience.

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