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Site Content

The products and services shown on this site are all products and services offered by LOU. Each product shown are for clear references and customers can make purchases whenever they feel the need to.

All products on our site are presented to certify all current regulations. In the site, users are guaranteed to see a short description of each of our products, as well as their prices, all for informative purposes.

As much as possible, LOU and all partnering companies strive to ensure the accuracy of design and looks of all products and information accessible on our site. LOU reserves the right of making changes and/or improvements to any of the products or services listed on our site. As a result, LOU may at any time modify the content of the site to fit current product status without incurring any liability as a result.

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Hypertext Links

At different points, users may see hypertext links to other sites on our website. However, since LOU does not have control of these sites or their contents, it would not be held responsible whatsoever for any content, products, advertising, or any other information from these sites.

Intellectual Property Right

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Any infringement to this may result in civil or criminal penalties for the perpetrator.


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LOU allows free access to the site, therefore it declines to bear responsibility for any site interruption, display/download error, bugs, or any other damage that may result from fraudulent intrusion by a third party.